Luxury Cars Get a Green Tint

Sep 18, 2013

As more gas-saving cars hit the pavement, the electric vehicle industry is coming into its own. With established carmakers from BMW to Nissan on board and leading luxury brands like Tesla and Fisker Automotive raising the style bar, the movement away from petroleum-dependent transportation has real staying power.

A green convert from the start, Auberge Resorts is celebrating. With electric vehicle charging stations already in place at two of its Napa Valley resorts (Solage Calistoga and Calistoga Ranch) and plans for further expansion, it feels privileged to help the cause by making it as easy as possible to vineyard-hop in your eco-friendly ride.


One of our guests charging up at Solage Calistoga

Charging stations like the ones used in the picture above by Auberge are the unsung heroes of the electric vehicle movement. Their lack has long been a barrier to the production and consumption of fully electric cars on a significant scale. It was the classic chicken-and-egg problem. Companies didn’t want to build expensive charging infrastructure until people bought the cars. People couldn’t buy the cars until they had convenient access to charging stations…

Thankfully, hybrids like the trusty Prius let everyone get their feet wet and the stage was set for an eventual leap to plug-ins. These days market signals are much clearer. Charging stations are being built in a hurry, making electric car ownership infinitely more practical. The egg has hatched, so to speak.

Purveyors of fine things, take heart. The days of sacrificing in the name of environmental principles are numbered. With ultra-luxury carmakers on the scene, the environmentally responsible can drive in supreme style and comfort. As of August, Tesla was actually the best-selling luxury car brand in California.

The car industry is proving something that we at Auberge Resorts already knew – environmental consciousness and an appetite for luxury can go hand-in-hand.