Get to Know our New CEO, Craig Reid

Jan 17, 2014

With CEO Craig Reid newly at the helm of Auberge Resorts, the year 2014 has started off in dynamic fashion and we couldn’t be more excited! Reid joins us following a noteworthy career with Four Seasons that spanned over three decades. His hospitality chops are self-evident, which is why we’re providing you with this list of fun, personal facts for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

Introducing our new CEO, in his own words…

  • First hotel job: “I was a busboy at the Grosvenor Hotel in England at the age of 15. The first day I spilled a pitcher of iced tea on a guest – an American woman. I thought I was going to lose my job and was profusely apologetic. She felt so bad for me, she gave me a $20 tip (almost a week’s wages at the time) and told the General Manager I was a future star. The experience made me want to get into the business, spill iced tea on more people, and look for more American women. I was successful on points one and three (the women I found turned out to be my wife and three daughters).”
  • Places you’ve called home: “I have lived in Lima, Madrid, Paris, Oxford, London, Basel, London, Boca Raton, Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, Austin, Dallas, Toronto, Dallas, and now Mill Valley. My wife and I have lived in 15 homes in our 32 years of marriage. In the early years we actually made more money selling our homes than from work.”
  • Languages you speak: “I am fluent in Spanish (my mother tongue), French and English. I also studied German and Russian.
  • Your favorite hobbies: “My favorite things include 1) playing with my granddaughter Eleanor…which often includes building homes for her barbies, 2) pruning the shrubs and perennials in my Mediterranean garden, 3) cooking on the weekends and 4) as of recently, exploring Northern California!