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Wellness on the Mayan Riviera

Delight in one-of-a-kind wellness experiences that capture the spirit of life in Mexico.

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Bespoke Relaxation on the Mayan Riviera
Celebrating the vibrancy of the Riviera Maya's culture and rich history, while embracing the tranquil spirit of this Caribbean coastline, experiences at Etéreo are designed to enliven senses through discovery and renewal.

January & February
Woman using restorative sound bowl
Rejuvenate Through Sound
A special sound bowl ceremony with a visiting master promoting mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
$150++ per person
Table of different fresh foods
Restore By High Vibration Eating
The foods we eat have their own vibrational frequency, therefore higher vibrational foods are healthier for us. In collaboration with our experts at SANA and Chef Miguel Baltazar, we’ve created a tasting menu including organic ingredients to improve your energetic vibration.
$195++ per person
Person sitting on rock looking at stars
Empower With Astrophotography
A private natal reading and photo session with Georgia Hunter, both astrologer and professional photographer, directs and guides you through poses and expressions, informed by your natal chart, capturing sides of you that you may have never seen. The light, the shadow, and all shades between. Receive personal portraits and a connection deeper to your nature
Private session for individuals & couples
Includes natal chart reading and digital portraits
Advance booking required
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