Essential Items for Family Trips

May 21, 2013

School is out for the summer and its finally time for family vacations! One of the best parts about summer is bringing everyone together and planning a great trip. But traveling to new places can be wearing and tiresome for children. Here are our top things to bring to help make traveling with little ones easy and enjoyable:

1. Baby Wipes: when there isn’t a bathroom or sink nearby to wash up, baby wipes or Wet Ones are perfect for hands, faces, trays, toilet seats, or anything that needs a quick clean up!

2. Children’s Tylenol (and other drugs): finding a drugstore or pharmacy at 11 PM can be near impossible when you’re in a new town. Pack a few small containers with Claritin, sunscreen, cough syrup, or whatever you prefer just in case!

3. Snacks: pretzels and raisins are great finger food that are easy to transport and won’t cause a big mess. Try to avoid any sugary snacks or anything that requires preparation.

4. New toys and books: unveiling a new toy or book at the right time can be the difference between a temper tantrum and a happy child. When you sense the meltdown coming, bring out your secret weapons!

5. Coloring materials: crayons, paper, and new coloring books can appease a child and keep them quiet for an entire flight!

6. A spare outfit: in the case of spills and accidents, a fresh tee for you and your child will make everyone more comfortable.

7. Ziplock baggies: they make great trash bags and are perfect for containing wet swimsuits and dirty shoes in your suitcase.