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Cocina del Mar restaurant, bar and lounge is perched atop striking cliffs overlooking Esperanza’s two private beaches and will take you on a culinary journey through the Sea of Cortez and Cabo’s verdant farms. Enter a buzzing lantern-lit bar and lounge that invites you to linger over hand-crafted cocktails before sauntering down to dinner above a cascade of oceanfront terraces kissed by white-capped waves. An outdoor exhibition kitchen is alive with energy, a perfect spot to engage with chefs and explore bites of coastal Baja cuisine and regionally inspired cocktails beside a glowing wood fired oven.

  • Cabo’s most spectacular place to dine—set on a rocky promontory surrounded by the crashing waves
  • Exquisite variety of just-caught seafood prepared to let the vibrant natural flavors shine through
  • Mood is romantic and celebratory
  • Open daily from 5:30pm to 10:30pm
  • Bar is open daily from 12pm to 12am | Friday & Saturday until 1:00am

True to its name, Cocina del Mar prepares wholesome, deeply satisfying dishes that celebrate the sea surrounding you on all sides. It’s a rarefied dining experience that inspires lingering past sunset as you feast on charred octopus, grilled grouper in a raw-ripe tomato sauce, and lobster fettuccine while basking in the rhythm of the waves and the glow of lantern light.

cocina del mar restaurant
Try new, flavorful and delicious food inspired by Mexico
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Enjoy colorful, local foods that will heighten your senses

For Chef Gomez, one of the joys of working at Cocina del Mar has been the chance to cook totoaba, a large and flavorful fish found only in the northern part of the Sea of Cortez. His salt-encrusted totoaba comes with confit tomato, onion, corn, and kale—and an equally salty sea breeze. It’s his tip for a must-order dish.


InMexico magazine

InMexico Magazine

Best Dining – February 2018

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Best of Excellence Award – July 2017

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