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Stories from Chileno Bay

Stories from Chileno Bay

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mosaic surf board artwork

As you walk to Chileno Bay’s front desk, you will be greeted by a monumental steel sculpture by Sante Fe, New Mexico-based artist Will Clift—your first sign that art will surround you at seemingly every turn here. Enjoy a wide range of pieces from dozens of artists based right here in Los Cabos, elsewhere in Mexico, and across the U.S., showcased in the resort’s public spaces as well as in each guestroom, suite or villa. No two pieces are alike, though common themes of seascapes, desert landscapes, and natural elements abound.

Check out these pieces in our public spaces:

Wes Horn’s mosaic surfboards The second-generation artist lives and works out of Davis, California, and Todos Santos, Mexico, and has created over 70 colorful surfboard mosaics for Chileno Bay. Five of the unique pieces are displayed at TnT while a few are featured at the building entrances.

Charabati Bizzarri’s mesmerizing ceramics Two high school friends separated ways to study art and design, only to collaborate 35 years later over a shared vision of breaking paradigms with clay. The Mexico City duo now bend, stretch and cook clay to form enthralling pieces including a hanging tapestry of tiny ceramics repeated in an organic sequence, hung in The Spa, at COMAL, and in some of the building entrances as well.

Hugo Ortega’s wooden assemblages

Moved by the devastation of 2014’s Hurricane Odile, which saw 11,000 people evacuate their homes in the Baja Sur California peninsula to escape flooding, Mexico City artist Hugo Ortega turned to a unique medium: found objects left over in the hurricane’s aftermath. Find his unique assemblages in the lobby.Stories from Chileno Bay