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3-Day Sample Itinerary

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Itinerary Highlights

With the pristine shores of Chileno Bay, idyllic Baja sunsets, a mesmerizing 3-tiered infinity pool, and accommodations that exude privacy and carefree opulence, our slice of heaven-on-earth awaits couples in need of some serious rest, romance, and reconnection. Inquire at 855.331.7213.

Ideal for couples
Available year-round

Day 1

Morning and Afternoon

Start your getaway with a lazy day in a private, poolside bungalow with pool and ocean views and
cocktail service. When you’re not enjoying our adults-only pool, lounge on a daybed while sipping
champagne. Your private bungalow also comes with nibbles and beverages to keep you quenched
throughout the day, sunblock, foot massage and more.


Enjoy a quiet, oceanfront dinner at Comal, our signature restaurant. With Cabo’s most innovative takes
on regional flavors and traditions like braised short rib with cacao broth—set against a contemporary
indoor-outdoor space spread across three levels, and dramatic Sea of Cortez backdrop – Comal is one of
the most celebrated restaurants in Baja.

Day 2


Spend the morning taking in the gentle waters of the Sea of Cortez by ocean kayak, and keep your eyes
peeled for the occasional whale, dolphin or stingray in winter. Head to our H2O activity center, where
one of our staff members can help you choose a complimentary one- or two- seat kayak, and give you
tips and guidance on the most scenic water routes.


Walk over to the Comal Bar and learn the history of Mexican spirits, wines, and more in interactive classes.
Our mixologists lead you on a path to enlightenment of Latin America’s most inspired spirits and elixirs including
tequilas, mezcals, sotol, and more. Sip away while you learn their origins as well as flavor and chemistry profiles
that define the best food pairings for each.


Spending the evening in. Enjoy cocktails by your villa’s private plunge pool while we prepare and serve a
special, sumptuous meal for just the two of you in the privacy of your villa.

Day 3


Get the day started with a restorative yoga session in our Movement Studio. With stunning views of the Sea
of Cortez, morning workouts have never been more inspired.


After morning of working your muscles, treat them to an afternoon of revitalation. Whether your choose traditional
or deep tissue massage, pr healing treatments using the purest of agaves, you’ll leave THE WELL feeling relaxed and ready to take on the evening.


Our most romantic spot for dining is Proa. Located at the end of a boardwalk that extends to the Sea of
Cortez, enjoy a three-course meal prepared exclusively for you by our Executive Chef.

For Assistance

For assistance with availability and logistics, please contact us at 855.331.7213

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