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Residences at Calistoga Ranch

Luxurious Napa homes enveloped in nature

Own one of our luxurious freestanding lodges and enjoy all of our resort amenities along with a hassle-free experience managed by one of the world’s leading hoteliers.

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Our collection of freestanding two bedroom lodges are available for whole or fractional ownership through our Private Residence Clubs, which offers a practical, maintenance-free way to own a luxurious vacation home with all of the amenities offered by award-winning Auberge Resorts.

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Fractional Ownership

Ownership at Calistoga Ranch is acquired on a fractional basis through our Private Residence Club, which lets owners customize their level of ownership to fit their needs, all while reducing the expenses of purchasing a second home, and getting to enjoy the benefits of a premier resort. Enjoy a practical way to be immersed in a maintenance-free lifestyle unattainable anywhere else in the Napa Valley while creating a legacy experience for your family.

Experiences at Calistoga Ranch

From traversing through the thick, scenic hiking trails to a private cooking class for you and your family, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

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