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Harvest Series at Gracie's Farm | Preserves Dinner


The Experience

Preserving fruits and vegetables is a time-honored tradition in Utah farming which provides us with important nourishment through the snowy months. As we transition into spring we awaken our senses with bright flavors that celebrate the bounty of the previous season. Join us for an intimate multi-course dinner in the Broadfork Barn created by Executive Chef Jason Franey: Each course heralds preserved heirloom ingredients that have been lovingly cultivated through the winter. We are excited to partner once again with our friends at Salt Lake City-based Templin Family Brewery as we pair their local craft beers to each course.

  • Tuesday, May 30
  • Hosted at the Broadfork Barn at Gracie's Farm | Maximum 30 guests
  • Welcome Reception 5:00 pm | Dinner at 6:00 pm
  • 4 Course Farm to Table Menu $155++
  • Beverage Pairings: Wine $95++ | Farm Cocktails & Local Beer $75++ | Non-alcoholic $55++
Hands digging into soil

Gracie's Farm

Crops being watered

Farming Director Lynsey watering plants
Farming Director Lynsey

Lessons from a Summer Harvest

“There are two “summers” in Utah: early summer and late summer. And each brings a farmer to her knees in submission to the elements and intensity, but also in gratitude for the abundance and the grace that summer bestows. Summer is incessant. There are few, if any breaks. Every day on the farm comes with an early start and what feels like an impossibly late end. But the beauty and bounty of summer is unparalleled. Everyday brings a new vegetable to its peak. And every day brings a new bloom in our flower garden.” - Lynsey Gammon, Director of Farming

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