A Day on the Farm

  • Spend a day with our farmers and get your hands dirty
  • Learn about our sustainable, no-till farming practices
  • Harvest vegetables for use in the daily YUTA menu

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The Experience

Experience the life of a farmer: Start your day with a cup of freshly brewed coffee as you meet our farm team and learn about nurturing the soil, planting seeds, transplanting young vegetables, and harvesting the tender greens, baby root vegetables and flowers that make our farm so special. The day progresses with farm chores, including irrigating crops, hoeing and cultivating the soil, transplanting vegetables into the ground, and planting seeds in the greenhouse, and of course, harvesting. After getting your hands dirty, we will take a break for lunch, consisting of freshly harvested produce and locally sourced ingredients. We will sit together as the farmers share real, gritty stories on what it took to start and manage our farm, how we are different in our growing practice, how we manage our high mountain climate, and the importance of soil integrity. After a day of reconnecting with the land you'll leave with a deeper appreciation of where your food comes from.

Learn about sustainable growing practices during Farm Days this summer

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