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2 night stay

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A Day on the Farm

  • Spend a day with our farmers and get your hands dirty
  • Learn about our sustainable, no-till farming practices
  • Harvest vegetables for use in the daily YUTA menu

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The Experience

Experience a day on our working organic farm. Start your day with fresh herbal-infused lemonade as you learn the philosophy of our 'farmhers' field-to-fork practices, what's in harvest this season and budding in the Three Sisters Gardens. Spend time learning about the starter plants keeping cool in the greenhouse, and what plants are maturing in the hoop house. You'll also be able to meet the chickens and rescued horses, learning the philosophy and vision of Saving Gracie's Foundation.

  • Available each Tuesday
  • Approximately 3 hours including transportation: 9:30am - 12:30pm
  • Exclusive to eight guests each week
  • Includes lemonade and cookies
  • Available on additional days when guaranteed 30 days in advance
  • $90 per person, plus 20% grauity

A Day on the Farm Itinerary

After a day of reconnecting with the land you'll leave with a deeper appreciation of where your food comes from.
  • Arrive at the Broadfork Barn for homemade lemonade with fresh herbs from the farm.

  • Tour the barn as your guide shares information about the farm’s philosophy, vision and tools. As you tour the field, the guide will explain the process and demonstrate the use of one or two tools, such as the seeder or broadfork.

  • Meander over to the greenhouse where everything starts – from seed. From here, walk over to the hoop house where the tomatoes are growing. You’ll be invited to pick any ripe tomatoes you find.

  • Continue on to the Heart and Soil field to learn about the crops we have, why we choose them, how we grow them (seed or transplant).

  • Enjoy a tractor and wagon ride to Red Barn for a picnic (additional cost).

  • Meet the farm’s visiting horses, chickens and any other critters on the farm (season dependent), and learn the story of the Saving Gracie Equine Healing Foundation as well as the individual stories of a few special animals.

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