Press Release


Nanuku collaborates with local brewing company

to launch its own beer

Nanuku Auberge Resort’s commitment to social and sustainable tourism is as deep-seated as it is boundless. 

Nanuku maintains an organic fruit and vegetable nursery along with 28 indigenous plants using only organic compost. Everything from dragon fruit to cacao is harvested in Nanuku’s rich, fruitful soil. 

The Nanuku beehive generates 8-10 litres of wild honey per annum alone, while the chicken coop allows guests to select their own eggs for breakfast. Coffee beans are roasted, ground and brewed on-site, while future plans include the farming of edible seaweed – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Community outreach is deeply entrenched in Nanuku’s sustainability ethos. The recent ‘Nanuku Culinary Series’ united the local Fijian kinship, with the resort opening its doors to several nearby restaurants to host collaborative ‘Wine & Dinner Degustation’ evenings. 

Now, Nanuku proudly partners with Kailoma Brewing Co., a micro-brewery situated on the stunning Coral Coast to unveil its own beer label, Ua Levu. The Fijian term Ua Levu translates to ’high tide’; an ode to a full cup.

Gavin Statham, Co-Owner and Founder of Kailoma Brewing Co. explains, “We are proudly Fiji’s only locally owned brewery and our products are brewed with pure Fijian rain water. With the countless natural fruit produce available in Fiji, the future is very exciting for boutique beverages.”  

Gavin continues, “Ua Levu is an unfiltered Pacific lager to maximise the carryover of ingredient flavours. It boasts a light malt backbone, a full hoppy body with citrus and tropical overtones and a crisp mouthfeel. Ua Levu is a flagship recipe and our answer to the Fijian tropical heat.” 

Nanuku’s General Manager, Sascha Hemmann explains, “Our vision of social and sustainable tourism is at the very core of every decision Nanuku makes. Steering away from imports to support our local community is just one example of how we continue to preserve and protect future Fijian generations to come.”

Sascha concludes, “We want our valued guests to embrace a truly authentic Fijian experience; our local traditions, customs, story-telling, activities, cuisine and now beverages. It is an exciting leap forward for not only Nanuku, but the wider community; and it’s just the beginning. Watch this space!”