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Stay at Nanuku
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Auberge Villas
  • {"title"=>"Two Bedroom Auberge Garden Villa", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"One Bedroom Auberge Garden Villa", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Two Bedroom Auberge Beachfront Villa", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
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  • {"title"=>"2 Bedroom Beachfront Pool Residence", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"1 Bedroom Beachfront Pool Residence", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
Events at Nanuku
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  • {"title"=>"Snorkel the legendary Beca Lagoon", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Plant mangroves with our resident marine scientist", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Plant coral with our resident marine scientist", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"amp out with your own beach bonfire", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Experience the thrill of tandem skydiving", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Take a judo lesson", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Take a boxing lesson", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Take a “Kokoda & Bamboo” prawn cooking class", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Make Fire the Traditional way", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Enjoy a bilibili river raft ride through mangrove forest", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Learn how to husk and scrape a coconut", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Train like Fiji’s Olympic Gold Medal-winning Fiji 7s rugby team", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Take a beach and jungle boot camp", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Enjoy the traditional Fijian game of pineapple smashing", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Enjoy a traditional Lovo dinner", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Explore the mountains behind Pacific Harbour in an off-road buggy", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Take part in a traditional kava ceremony", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Explore an indigenous inland village", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Heli-golf a championship level course", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Discover tropical birds in their natural habitat", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Savor the sights of Suva", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Play beekeeper for a day", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Ride an EcoTrax “Velocipede” down the Coral Coast", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Enjoy a jet-boat safari up the Sigatoka River", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Learn the art of glassblowing", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Explore the Kula Wild Adventure Park", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Discover Kulukulu’s mesmerizing sand dunes", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Hike to a spectacular highlands waterfall", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Go moonlight prawning", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Go mangrove crabbing", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Go on an indigenous tribal hunt", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Float up the Navua River by long boat", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Kayak the gentle waters of the Middle Navua River", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Cast a line from your kayak", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Go open-ocean spearfishing", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Sleep under the stars on your own private island", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Jet-ski to a sandbank picnic", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Enjoy a private island picnic", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Tube down the scenic Navua River", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Learn traditional Fijian arts and crafts", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Take a fitness class", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Create family experiences OR Enjoy family time, island-style", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Enjoy a traditional fire walking ceremony", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Enjoy water sports right from Nanuku’s own beach", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Take part in a traditional warrior dance ceremony", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"elax with a traditional Fijian Bobo massage", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Enjoy a romantic beach picnic", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Enjoy a sunset cruise in the bay", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Surf the world-class Frigates Pass", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Embark on a jet-ski safari", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Soar down the South Pacific’s only zip line adventure", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Enjoy a Fijian Food Safari", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Dive among Cage-less Bull Sharks", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Dive the Somosomo Strait for magnificent soft coral blooms", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Deep-sea fish for prized marlin", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Combi Snorkel the legendary Beca Lagoon", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Whitewater raft deep into the highlands of Namosi", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Own a Private Island", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}