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Lavender bush
Lavender bush

Revive your soul at Mattei's Tavern

Foster a sense of total relaxation and rejuvenation

Surrounded by the crisp valley air and delicately scented olive groves, The Lavender Barn is an exploration of simple pleasures and the joy of living well. Honoring the bounty of the land and its power to renew, the treatments are inspired and informed by the aromatic flowers, deep roots, rich soil and twilight skies of Los Olivos. Age-old remedies are drawn from the best of nature and in homage to the past, coupling with bodywork and the essence of slow wellness to foster a sense of total relaxation and rejuvenation.

Three women doing yoga
Bundles of lavender
A couple in robes walking by lavender
Utilizing the harvest's best with a local, hand-blended plant-based product range that changes with the seasons, the natural spa house encourages visitors to explore new therapies. Five private rooms host peaceful treatments, and a separate room for couples opens onto an ample outdoor space with two horse trough tubs for therapeutic bathing amongst the elements. The Lavender Barn water lounge brings nature in with dramatic doors that open entirely, so bathers become one with the fresh air and trees in the distance.
Woman and man doing yoga

Yoga & Bodywork

Hot stone massage

The power of nature to renew

Figs and lavender holistically prepared

Natural healing remedies