Stay at Mattei's Tavern

Historical architecture and modern comfort seamlessly woven into one
Rich with rustic sophistication and legitimate history, Mattei's Tavern effectively fuses old with new. The Tavern Building dates back to 1886 and the original cottages have been painstakingly restored to preserve their distinctive details, while new buildings sit alongside them – seamlessly blending with the authentic structures.
Bedroom with fireplace, Garden Guest House, Mattei's Tavern

Spacious Retreats

Clarence Mattei's paintings hang on painted wooden walls, working fireplaces warm spaces indoors and out, and exposed beaming elevates the ceilings and reflects the property's heritage. Each new space has been created to reflect and celebrate its original counterpart, and the considered design highlights those novel features throughout the property, creating a transportive experience that incorporates modern luxury with well-patinated history.