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Fitness Classes


Experience a variety of movement classes - both high intensity and low - in our movement studio and outdoors on the Hartley Lawn.

  • Resort guests are invited to enjoy our complimentary movement classes, offered daily.

  • Advance sign-up is required for resort and non-resort guests. We encourage you to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

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  • Gratitude Flow – Research shows that gratitude is consistent with increased happiness, better health, ability to cope with challenges, and experiencing more positive emotions. Flow with intention and end your practice with a guided meditation.

  • Healing Vin/Yin – A beautiful balancing practice to harmonize our energies. Active yet grounding sun salutations and standing flows are offered in the first half of class to enliven the body. The yin half of class, offers passive, seated and supine poses that are held from two to seven minutes on each side to switch off fight-or-flight mode, promoting balance throughout the nervous system and allowing for a sense of peace and relaxation.

  • Stretch & Sip Flow – An all levels gentle flow to decompress, destress, and feel good. Paired with local juice tasting.

  • Vibe Flow – A fresh yoga concept combining an immersive audio experience and whole-body yoga flow on the Hartley lawn beneath the palm trees. Pair your workout with a rejuvenating elixir of sparkling wine or sparkling water.

  • Restorative Yoga & Sound Bath – This slow, still practice focuses on long held, passive postures that are supported by a variety of props, allowing your body to relax, your mind to quiet and your nervous system to let go. This practice is safe for people with no yoga experience or on a healing journey and effective for experienced yogis and athletes as an addition to their physically active and challenging practice.

  • Aroma Flow & Sound Healing – An all levels vinyasa flow combining breath with movement, soothing candlelight and seasonal, soothing aromatherapy.

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  • Total Body Barre – A low-impact, full body workout, designed to tone and lengthen. This restorative experience is designed to build strength, flexibility, mobility and balance set to an uplifting playlist.

  • Pilates Fusion – Tone, stretch, elongate your muscles with a combination of traditional mat pilates, interval strength movements, low impact cardio and restorative stretching.

  • Strength & Mobility – A fun, dynamic, and challenging class that provides strength, cardio, and mindfulness to rejuvenate body and mind.

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