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A modern Aspen Landmark since 1889.

Hotel Jerome has been the social hub of Aspen since its opening in 1889 at the height of the town’s silver boom, known as the place where all great stories were born and are told. As the only Aspen hotel to survive the silver crash, the long pre-ski-resort winters, and the Depression, we’ve seen cowboys ride through our doors, 10th Mountain Division soldiers gather round over pints after training on the slopes, and Hunter S. Thompson holding court during his run for sheriff. You can’t experience Aspen, without experiencing Jerome.

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World-class powder, backcountry adventures, culture, shopping and nightlife come together for the best ski and mountain scene in the Rockies.

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Experience extraordinary Winter Adventures

Winter with us amidst the breathtaking mountains of Aspen. Ski four legendary mountains in one unforgettable destination. Make first tracks on Snowmass before the slopes open to the public, hop on a snowcat to ski the backside of Aspen Mountain, or board a helicopter for an epic adventure on ungroomed terrain.

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My wife and I had an absolutely fabulous stay at the Jerome. The staff, accommodations and food & drinks could not have provided a better experience. The services offered by all of the staff from the concierge to the ski shop to the bellmen were first rate. A definite must stay in Aspen.

Stories from Hotel Jerome

Hunter S Thompson

Learn Remembering Hunter S. Thompson at Hotel Jerome

To the rest of the country, Hunter S. Thompson might be best known as the godfather of gonzo journalism. Thompson lived and wrote on the edge in a style epitomized in “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” which first came out in two installments in Rolling Stone before being published as a book that would end up defining the post-'60s counterculture. But to Aspenites, and especially here at Hotel Jerome, he’s best remembered for his 1970 run for sheriff of Aspen Pitkin County.

Hotel Jerome Concierge
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hunter s. thompson

Learn To Sign Your Name on an Aspen Landmark

Next time you’re ordering your favorite cocktail at the J-Bar, ask about “the drawer.” And, after that, ask if your bartender has signed it yet. Famously known for its hundreds of intricately carved signatures, the drawer holds the names of every bartender who has worked in the J-Bar since its opening day in 1889. If you happen to be at the J-Bar at the right time, you might even catch a touring group from the Aspen Historical Society showing it off. Now shellacked to seal it’s inked history, the drawer is an Aspen landmark worth toasting to.

Stayed March '18
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Do On the Road to Ashcroft Ghost Town

In Aspen, once you're on the gondola, the only things really worth talking about are where you've skied before and where you're gonna go skiing next. I've lived in Aspen for 18 years and each morning I get up and go on a run through the Aspen Institute, which is one of my favorite places.

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Sarah Broughton
Architect, Hotel Jerome Renovation
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Learn Hotel Jerome and Aspen: Silver Boom, Bust and Bauhaus

Hotel Jerome has a rich history, one that parallels with the history of Aspen itself. During its silver boom years in the late 19th century—when fortunes rose dramatically and all anyone could see was up—department store magnate Jerome B. Wheeler envisioned a rival to the grande dame hotels of Europe. Hotel Jerome was born.

Aspen History Buff
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