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Experience culinary excellence at Grace Hotel

A Michelin-awarded voyage of sensational taste, at the heart of Santorini’s stunning Imerovigli.


Beloved Greek and Mediterranean flavours get an inspired makeover at the hands of culinary genius and Michelin-awarded chef Lefteris Lazarou. In keeping with Greek gastronomic tradition, at Varoulko Santorini wonderful tastes such as the chef’s signature squid with pesto Genovese or the crayfish tartar with fresh basil and zesty yuzu, come alive thanks to the island’s abundant fresh ingredient offering. A veritable journey for the senses begins to unfold at Grace Hotel, boasting the perfect vantage point over the island’s awe-worthy Caldera vistas

Meet The Chef

Chef Lefteris Lazarou has forged an illustrious path in the country’s gastronomic landscape from an early age, accompanying his father on international voyages and discovering the world’s cuisines. Equipped with international cuisines and creativity, he begins with beloved recipes, adapting them to suit the tastes of varied audiences. In 1987 he realized his dream of opening the, now iconic, Varoulko where he digs deep into his treasure-trove of aquatic inspiration and uses seafood in fine-dining for the first time, altering the landscape of local gastronomy and introducing an entire nation to previously snubbed fish and crustaceans; so pioneering are his dishes that many have now reached classic status. With Lazarou at the helm and thanks to his ever-evolving approach and innovative spirit, Varoulko continues to shine as a beacon of inspiration, amassing an array of notable accolades along the way. The one standing out the most, however, is the Michelin star the restaurant was awarded in 2002, the first star to ever be bestowed on a chef serving Greek cuisine. Now, with Lazarou steering the ship, Varoulko, undocks from the mainland, voyages out to the Aegean and finds its newest harbour at Grace Hotel. Here, Lazarou’s passionate search for outstanding raw materials, expert technique and commitment to excellence composes an offering distinguished for its inspiring, harmonious flavours and a well-balanced blend of classic and refreshing.

glasses on table
Ocean view restaurant
glasses on table
Ocean view restaurant
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At Varoulko Santorini, the heart and soul of Greek gastronomy beats the strongest thanks to exceptional ingredients and culinary ingenuity. Nestled in Imerovigli’s picturesque whitewashed paths, Grace Hotel proposes an unparalleled dining experience complete with fantastic vistas over the iconic infinity pool and the scenic Aegean Sea.
  • Mood is elegant, sensual and contemporary

  • Smart casual dress code

  • Sea View Dining

  • Open 7:30am – 11am daily for breakfast, 12pm – 6pm daily for lunch, 7:00pm – 11:00pm daily for dinner

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