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Children’s Online Privacy | Auberge Resorts Collection


The websites are general audience sites and are not intended for use by children under 18. If you become aware that a child under 18 years of age has provided personal data through the Sites, notify the ARC Property or AR at the email addresses below. If an ARC Property or AR, becomes aware that a child under age 18 years of age has provided personal information through the website(s), steps will be taken to delete it.

However, AR or ARC Properties may collect information about children under 18 years from you, during pre-arrival or when you are checking-in. Before collecting any information about children under 18 years of age, explicit consent will be requested from you.

Hotel Privacy Contact Email
Auberge Resorts LLC arc.privacy@aubergeresorts.com
Auberge Beach Residences abf.privacy@aubergeresorts.com
Auberge du Soleil ads.privacy@aubergeresorts.com
Bishop’s Lodge bl.privacy@aubergeresorts.com
Chileno Bay Resort & Residences cbr.privacy@aubergeresorts.com
Commodore Perry Estate cpe.privacy@aubergeresorts.com
Element 52 ele.privacy@aubergeresorts.com
Esperanza esp.privacy@aubergeresorts.com
Etéreo, Riviera Maya, Mexico ete.privacy@aubergeresorts.com
Grace Hotel san.privacy@aubergeresorts.com
Hotel Jerome hj.privacy@aubergeresorts.com
Madeline Hotel & Residences mdl.privacy@aubergeresorts.com
Malliouhana mal.privacy@aubergeresorts.com
Mauna Lani mnl.privacy@aubergeresorts.com
Mayflower Inn & Spa may.privacy@aubergeresorts.com
Mukul mk.privacy@aubergeresorts.com
Nanuku nan.privacy@aubergeresorts.com
Solage sol.privacy@aubergeresorts.com
Stanly Ranch stn.privacy@aubergeresorts.com
Susurros del Corazon sdc.privacy@aubergeresorts.com
The Lodge at Blue Sky bsk.privacy@aubergeresorts.com
The Vanderbilt van.privacy@aubergeresorts.com
White Barn Inn wbi.privacy@aubergeresorts.com