A Napa Valley getaway to Detox, Retox and Repeat

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A fresh and vibrant Napa Valley escape.

A century ago, Calistoga was a town centered around its bubbling natural hot springs and the beautiful weather of the Napa Valley. Today, it’s a bucket-list destination for ardent wine lovers, foodies and wellness seekers for its particularly enviable version of the “good life.” Solage was created to reflect its hometown spirit, drawing visitors as well as area vintners who come here after a day in the vineyards to relax over a glass of wine or a craft cocktail and connect.
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From tasting small production wines amidst world class art to cycling down miles of winding country roads and dense redwood forests, the unique pleasures of Napa Valley await.

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Enjoyed the whole experience: villas, spa, pool, restaurant, etc. Great wake up to breakfast, then wine tasting, then a late dinner and cocktail at the resort. Highly recommend if you want a relaxing vacation in the north end of the valley.
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Stories from Solage


Do Just Us Girls

We sat on the edge of the pool, flutes of sparkling wine in-hand and water tickling our feet. I was surrounded by my favorite group of gal pals as I turned 40 at the secluded, yet chic Solage. Our trip had been planned by my friends and I, and at 9:30pm, the exact moment of my birth hour, we toasted my 40 years and took a celebratory dip in the geothermal mineral pool while gazing up beyond the palm trees to a star-spangled sky. Once inside our poolside cabana and cozy in our spa robes, my friends serenaded me with the Happy Birthday song as I unwrapped my gifts.

One lucky lady
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Cocktails at Solbar Napa Valley

Drink Mixology and Mom Time

With college graduation in my rearview mirror and a specialized full-time job ahead, my mother suggested she and I spend some quality time together on a road trip to Calistoga. We were primed to create some fun memories.

Seeking Quality Time
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flower cart at Solage Napa Valley

Do Unexpected Discoveries Bloom Everywhere

Like many unexpected discoveries that can happen during an adventure in the Napa Valley, I stumbled upon one walking through the lobby of the Solage Resort. It was the striking colors that first caught my eye followed by the light fragrance that seemed like a combination of delicate roses and lemons. Abundant blooms of fresh flowers – fluffy, fully bloomed camellias and ranunculus; multi-colored tulips, delicate, sweet-perfumed jasmine and honeysuckle and bright, sunny daffodils – filled a cart that also contained beautiful recycled glass bottles of varying sizes, all for creating personal, handcrafted bouquets.

Shannon Thompson
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Hotel pool

Do Tapped Into Hot Mineral Springs

Like the geothermal waters that rise from the earth of Calistoga’s crust, I arrived at Spa Solage bubbling over with the hope of detoxification. I’d spent half the day tasting Napa Valley wines and was primed for a wellness reboot. What lured me to the bathhouse après spa hours was the concept of purification in restorative waters during a floating meditation under the star-lit sky.

Wellness Guru
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Eat Legendary Fish Tacos at Solbar

Whenever I travel, a full restaurant is a trusted choice as a place to eat, and Solbar was packed for lunch. Savory scents lured me inside and triggered a rumble in my stomach. With so many options on the menu, I took my seat to scope out the dining room for a view of what others were eating. The answer: fish tacos.

Taco Connoisseur
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friends on mercedes

Go Shuck-Your-Own Oysters, Luxury Cars and Ocean Waves

I’ll tell you the same thing that I tell my friends who visit Solage; take out the Mercedes-Benz! The complimentary, luxury ride backdropped with California’s stunning natural scenery makes you feel like you’re the star of a hollywood classic.

Lindsay Weiss
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