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4 night stay

Additional Options


Fractional Ownership Whole Ownership - Esperanza

Ownership at Esperanza


Esperanza real estate is deeded ownership with title insurance available for purchase from a U.S. carrier.


  • 1/24th – Guaranteed fixed week in a specific two or three bedroom villa, and a float week; starting at $95k
  • 1/24th – Two weeks floating in a four bedroom in Esperanza’s private residences; starting at $125k
  • 1/8th – Six weeks in a two and/or three bedroom.  Weeks to be determined by the owner yearly based on a very equitable rotation system,; starting at $175k
  • 1/8th – Enjoyment of a four bedroom villa for six weeks a year including a butler.  Weeks to be determined by the owner yearly based on a very equitable rotation system; starting at $300k
  • 1/12th – Four weeks of reserved time enjoyed in a three bedroom, oceanfront super villa included in the ownership, a  private pool, jacuzzi, dedicated butler, and use of vehicle..  Always at ocean’s edge; starting at $450k
  • Whole ownership – All yours, all the time.  Ownership in a three or four bedroom villa with all the accoutrements of Esperanza and managed by Auberge Resorts.  All the hassles of second homeownership are replaced by all the services and amenities offered at Esperanza; starting at $1.850m


Of course you’ll want to spend every moment you can at Esperanza, but sometimes that just isn’t possible.  When that happens, we suggest you share your bounty.


  • Let Auberge rent your property when you’re unable to use it
  • Take advantage of our property trade program via Timbers Collection and Auberge Reciprocity
  • Share your joy with friends, family or someone special who deserves a reward
  • Offer your room nights for a worthy charitable cause
  • Having a big event and need more space? Arrange concurrent usage of multiple villas
  • Stay longer and book contiguous usage for extended stays at discounted prices