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Craft of the Texas Rag Tie


The Experience

Join local Fort Worth artisan and chain stitch embroiderer Fowl & Maker for a hands-on workshop exploring the Texas wild rag. Have your own wild rag personalized with custom designs adorned by the traditional stitch while discovering the history of chain stitching, its relevance to western culture and steps to tie the perfect scarf.

  • Saturdays from 10AM - 1PM
  • $65 Per Person

Meet Fowl and Maker's Robin Smith

A Fort Worth native, Robin Smith is a local artisan specializing in chain stitching – an embroidery known for looping and locking each stitch into an unbroken chain. Utilizing a vintage sewing machine originally fabricated in the early 1900s, Robin has perfected the Western style stitch, adorning shirts, scarves and apparel alike all across the great state of Texas.

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