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At Home with Auberge

Text by Lindsey Kesel | Photos by Chad Wadsworth
In luxury residences around the globe, Auberge Resorts Collection creates magnificent spaces amplified by impeccable service, restorative wellness, culinary innovation, and endless opportunities to play.

Auberge Resorts Collection goes a cut above with a level of otherworldly service and care‭. ‬The properties are best-in-class‭. ‬The‭ ‬design of each informed carefully by a sense of place‭.

At Auberge‭, ‬residents experience around-the-clock concierge care services‭, ‬which in urban settings can make reservations at exclusive restaurants notorious for having hard-to-get tables‭, ‬or tickets to‭ ‬much in-demand concerts and events‭. ‬Even in rural locations‭, ‬nothing is out of reach‭.‬

In short‭, ‬from urban abodes with an uptown address to expansive estates in exotic locales‭, ‬Auberge Resorts Collection’s residences offer lifestyles that evoke a sense of wonder‭. ‬The magic of Auberge’s well-crafted approach to luxury design and hospitality lies in how the brand artfully captures the soul of a destination and brings it to life through wildly creative embodiments of upscale living‭.‬

Leaning into the vibrant energy of the locale‭, ‬each Auberge enclave is a sublime fusion of culture‭, ‬cuisine‭, ‬and environment that has been carefully brought to life through masterful design‭. ‬In its ever-expanding portfolio of residences‭, ‬an elite level of‭ ‬talented professionals—from architects and designers to on-site ambassadors—are pushing the Auberge lifestyle to a new pinnacle‭. ‬World-class amenities abound across Auberge’s eclectic array of homes‭, ‬villas‭, ‬and estates—from private tours to personal shopping—all in service of creating exalted communities that equally honor recreation and retreat‭.‬

At Stanly Ranch, ‬Auberge’s award-winning Napa Valley retreat‭, ‬The Villas and Vineyard Homes offer an immersive Wine Country adventure beset by rolling vineyards‭, ‬culinary gardens‭, ‬and the Mayacamas Mountains‭. ‬On acres of private ranch land‭, ‬residents are treated to a wealth of activities and indulgences—the Provence-style 75-foot Lavender Pool‭, ‬scenic bike path and guided cycling tours‭, ‬Halehouse spa‭, ‬Fieldhouse gym and Springhouse for restoration and recovery‭, ‬and fresh-from-the-earth culinary offerings highlighting produce harvested from the on-site grange‭.

From JZMK Partners and Clausen-Collaborative Interior Design‭, ‬The Villas reflect a modern Napa motif accentuated with leather upholstery‭, ‬white oak ceiling planks‭, ‬and a neutral color palette‭. ‬In the Vineyard Homes—featuring sensorial architecture from Forest Studio’s Bob White and refined interiors by Edmonds‭ & ‬Lee Architects—a private pool‭, ‬an outdoor fireplace‭, ‬and generous al fresco entertaining spaces celebrate the region’s gathering spirit‭. ‬

The Pacifico Villa at Susurros del Corazón.

Auberge’s newest Mexico property‭, Susurros del Corazón in Punta de Mita‭, ‬Mexico‭, ‬stages stunning bluff-top and ocean-edge homes on the Bay of Banderas‭, ‬from three-bedroom Beach Casitas to the six-bedroom Presidential Villa‭. ‬Centered around cascading scallop-shaped‭ ‬swimming pools fronting a white sand beach‭, ‬the spectacular 33-acre resort incorporates four original dining concepts‭, ‬including the the property’s signature oceanfront restaurant Casamilpa‭. ‬Immersive therapies and engaging workshops are available through ONDA spa‭, ‬along with Latin dance lessons‭, ‬beach yoga‭, ‬and sunrise meditation sessions‭.

‬In the contemporary‭, ‬indoor-outdoor residences designed by‭ ‬Paul Duesing Partners‭, ‬pebbled floors‭, ‬heritage-inspired handcrafted finishes‭, ‬regional wood accents‭, ‬and artisan wall coverings‭ ‬balance tropical relaxation with the formality of clean lines‭. ‬Expansive floor-to-ceiling windows forge a joyful interconnectedness between the open‭, ‬airy spaces and the verdant jungled cliffs on a pristine stretch of beach‭.‬

‬“We have a really close family of owners at Auberge. I always feel like I’m home because of the network of friends I’ve made‭.‬”
—Jeff Kelley, Auberge residence owner, Chileno Bay Resort & Residences

Auberge owner Jeff Kelley says becoming a resident at Chileno Bay Resort‭ & ‬Residences‭, ‬Auberge Resorts Collection in Cabo San Lucas‭, ‬Mexico‭, ‬was a turning point in his life‭. ‬Since moving into a spacious four-bedroom Ocean View Villa overlooking the Sea of‭ ‬Cortez‭, ‬his frequent south-of-the-border surf trips from San Diego are vastly enriched by the resort’s many thoughtful embodiments of luxury and convenience‭. ‬“From full-service home management and maintenance‭, ‬to fantastic cuisine‭, ‬everything you need is right at your disposal‭, ‬and it’s all top-tier‭,‬”‭ ‬he says‭.

With pristine coral reefs and calm waters‭, ‬the protected cove of Chileno Bay is an ideal playground for Kelley‭, ‬his children‭, ‬and his grandchildren‭. ‬“The resort has the most amazing beach club with all the toys—stand up paddle boards‭, ‬kayaks‭, ‬Schiller water bikes and those giant SUPSquatch inflatables that can fit 10‭ ‬people—really everything you could possibly imagine for being on the water‭,‬”‭ ‬he notes‭.‬

One of Kelley’s favorite ways to unwind is the par-72‭ ‬Tom Fazio-designed golf course just outside the resort‭. ‬Though the links are typically for members only‭, ‬Chileno Bay Club reserves a number of tee times for Auberge residents and guests‭. ‬Opportunities like this‭, ‬and‭ ‬the strong sense of community within the resort‭, ‬make regular Cabo trips all the more exciting for Kelley‭, ‬even on solo visits‭.

“Finding a home with Auberge was one of the best things I’ve ever done from a quality of life standpoint‭,‬”‭ ‬says Kelley‭, ‬who credits the impassioned Chileno Bay ambassadors and concierge team with seeking excellence at every turn‭. ‬“Whenever I get to know new faces at the resort‭, ‬I’m always hearing how great the service is and how much people love it here‭. ‬Nobody wants to leave this place‭,‬”‭ ‬he adds‭.‬

Jeff Kelley, an residence owner at Chileno Bay, Auberge Resorts Collection in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, fishing off his water bike.

“Auberge has a culture and character we haven’t found anywhere else."
—Michael Antieri, Auberge residence owner, Madeline Hotel & Residences
Owners Michael and Leigh Ann Antieri spending a day on the slopes of Telluride Mountain.

At Madeline Hotel and Residences in Telluride‭, ‬Colorado‭, ‬Auberge owners Michael and Leigh Ann Antieri say their quintessential mountain-modern home and surrounding neighborhood is perfectly in sync with the region’s majestic 14,000-foot peaks and alpenglow sunsets‭.

‬“Auberge has a culture and character we haven’t found anywhere else‭,‬”‭ ‬says Michael‭, ‬who likens Madeline’s elevated après-ski ambiance to their favorite European getaway‭, ‬Zermatt Ski Resort in the Swiss Alps‭.‬

What makes the Antieris feel most at home with Auberge is the highly devoted personal attention and abiding five-star service‭. ‬During Christmas of 2020‭, ‬Madeline’s team delivered an exceedingly personalized service‭: ‬“We had never been here for Christmas and were so delighted to find the whole resort was bursting with holiday cheer‭,‬”‭ ‬says Leigh Ann‭. ‬“We decorated cookies—a big tradition for our family—and the staff served us an incredible Christmas dinner and made it extra special‭.‬”

Above all‭, ‬the couple appreciates the well-rounded experience Auberge imparts‭.

"Our Telluride visits aren’t just about going downhill anymore‭. ‬As we’ve grown older and our daughters, with our now grandchildren, are tagging along‭, ‬it’s the whole package—being able to share it with family and friends‭, ‬savoring wonderful meals and experiences together‭. ‬”
—Michael Antieri, Auberge residence owner, Madeline Hotel & Residences

Adding to the Auberge Resorts Collection anthology of phenomenal properties‭, ‬a number of urban and resort projects are currently‭ ‬in development—each with distinctive attributes that mesh prestige with a sense of place‭.

Coming soon to the sun-kissed sands of Florida‭, ‬the iconic Shore Club on the Miami Beach waterfront and The Residences at Shell Bay in Florida‭, ‬just north of Miami‭, ‬embody the extraordinary design-forward‭, ‬ultra-luxury approach Auberge is known for‭.‬

For the revitalization of the Art-Deco landmark The Shore Club‭, ‬opening in 2027‭, ‬Robert A.M‭. ‬Stern Architects captures the energy and opulence of South Florida’s dynamic coastal scene‭, ‬with collaboration from London designer Bryan O’Sullivan and Kobi Karp Architecture and Design‭.

The historic Cromwell Hotel becomes a private entrance and lobby for The Tower‭, ‬an 18-story marvel of Miami Modern design housing 49‭ ‬exclusive beachfront residences‭. ‬Each with a unique floorplan and unobstructed ocean views‭, ‬the homes feature nautically inspired undulating terraces‭, ‬rich woods‭, ‬sinuous lines‭, ‬and brass accents‭. ‬On the‭ ‬three-acre grounds‭, ‬Shore Club owners enjoy full access to three swimming pools‭, ‬a beauty atelier spa and wellness center‭, ‬residents’‭ ‬library and maze-like gardens‭. ‬

At Shell Bay’s private yacht club, dedicated staff are on hand to welcome members onto the private 48-slip marina and dock.

Inside the 18-acre Shell Bay sanctuary‭, ‬debuting in 2026‭, ‬the coalescence of luxury and leisure manifests in a medley of sport and wellness amenities curated by world-renowned athletes and experts—from the garden-set Shell Bay Racquet Club to the 48-slip marina and yacht club‭.

The 130-acre resort includes 108‭ ‬Auberge high-rise residences featuring open-concept layouts‭, ‬panoramic views via wraparound terraces and lavish interiors from global hospitality innovator AvroKO Design‭. ‬Conceived by landscape architecture firm Nievera Williams Design‭, ‬the sweeping Shell Bay playground‭ ‬integrates a Greg Norman Championship Golf Course‭, ‬dockside cocktail bar‭, ‬dog-walking trail‭, ‬exotic orchid garden and children’s outdoor discovery park‭. ‬

Another Auberge endeavor igniting a buzz is The Knox Hotel and Residences in Dallas‭, ‬Texas‭, ‬debuting in 2027‭. ‬Set on four acres‭ ‬in The Knox neighborhood along the Katy Trail‭, ‬the boutique property is crafting an ambiance of intimate glamour with next-level‭-‬luxury hotel interiors from acclaimed Swedish designer Martin Brudnizki‭.

Spacious with high ceilings‭, ‬entrancing city views and‭ ‬enviable closets‭, ‬The Knox’s 48‭ ‬residences tease a mix of subdued sophistication and elegant flamboyance‭, ‬care of local design superstar Chad Dorsey‭. ‬Also‭ ‬included in The Knox‭: ‬an idyllic park‭, ‬indoor pool‭, ‬movement studio and curated retail and restaurants‭. ‬But that’s not all‭. ‬Auberge is turning out another first-class urban oasis in Texas—The Birdsall‭, ‬in Houston’s River Oaks neighborhood‭, ‬is scheduled to open in 2027‭. ‬

Through its exquisite assortment of residences in existence‭, ‬and new expressions of affluent living on the way‭, ‬Auberge Resorts‭ ‬Collection is redefining the essence of luxury homeownership‭. ‬With the adoption of the Auberge lifestyle comes an open invitation to enjoy highly curated experiences at home‭, ‬and across all Auberge destinations worldwide‭.‬

In addition to offering ski-in ski-out access and numerous amenities, Madeline residents Michael and Leigh Ann Antieri say the culture at Auberge is perfectly matched to the alpine elegance of the area. Photo by Tim Aukshunas.

For the Antieris‭, ‬their Auberge residence has become much more than a vacation spot‭, ‬but a genuine home away from home and a steadfast source of revitalization and renewal‭.

“I am just at peace being here—in Telluride and at Madeline. The countless activities‭, ‬the exceptional cuisine‭, ‬and all the other marvelous touches are just icing on the cake‭.‬”
—Michael Antieri, Auberge residence owner, Madeline Hotel & Residences