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An Oscar de la Renta-Worthy Weekend Retreat at Wildflower Farms

Written by Laura Kim

Fashion wunderkind Laura Kim, who co-helms Oscar de la Renta and co-founded the luxury label Monse with design partner Fernando Garcia, chose to recharge at Wildflower Farms after a busy New York Fashion Week.

Home Sweet Home

“The cabins are so curated and cozy. The quilt on the bed, which has Wildflower Farms hand-embroidered on it, was an intimate touch. They even had my favorite book in the room, ‘The Garden Chef’!” The artisanal in-room snack selection was also a highlight for her. “There were ZaZa Pita Chips from Brooklyn, which are perpetually sold out online, and little canisters of nuts. I ate everything!” she laughed. The couple also enjoyed walking her dog along the hiking trail next to their cabin. “The forest was a neon green cave scattered with different varieties of mushrooms.”

“We spent much of our time curled up alongside the open-air firepit on The Great Porch sipping on orange Vitalba wine while my golden doodle, King, greeted the other couples. It felt like we were in our own backyard.”

A Sound Journey

Kim and her significant other, Linus Adolfsson, eased into vacation mode with a sound bath in the yoga studio overlooking the forest. “First, the teacher read our chakras (which was spot on!), then she took us on a sound journey,” said Kim. “I do a lot of sound baths and I’m usually thinking about my to-do list, but this one was so soothing I actually remembered a few design ideas I’d completely forgotten about amidst the chaos of fashion week. It really helped organize my mind.”

The Garden Tour

“Farmer Jax was so knowledgeable as we walked through the lush farm and planted rows. We got to taste fresh herbs and tomatoes off the vine.” She was also impressed by the beauty of the edible flower garden, as well as the wild bushes of asparagus and fennel.

“I saw an okra plant for the first time in-person on the garden tour. It was so pretty it’s inspiring me to make a print for Oscar de la Renta next season.”

What to Order

“The food was outstanding. Three things I highly recommend ordering at Clay: the milk bread with miso butter; the delicious mushroom dish with forbidden rice; and the steak where they mix chimichurri sauce right at the table for you.”

What to Wear

“The terrain can be rugged so I would definitely pack a pair of hiking shoes like Moncler’s Trailgrip Sneakers, and some rubber boots if it’s expected to rain.” A cozy cardigan, cable knit sweater and slip dress should also make it in your weekender, she adds. Monse’s Zebra Alpaca Cardigan and merino wool turtleneck sweater are great options. “I also bought a gardening hat at The Shop by Gardenheir. It is a treasure trove of gardening tools and accessories.”

“When I return, I am definitely going to spend an entire day at the hotel’s Thistle spa. And when I am not so exhausted, I’ll wake up early to feed the chickens at the farm and carry fresh eggs to the chef for a breakfast omelet.”