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Classes at Esperanza Fitness for all levels

“It feels good to sweat it out,” laughs a longtime resident of Esperanza’s villas. “I balance indulgent dinners and marina nights with restorative workouts—and try not to miss a day.” We encourage all guests to get active however long they stay and make it easy by offering complimentary fitness classes each week that draw on varied disciplines and techniques. If you want to push your physical limits, consider TRX or reformer Pilates. If you want to push yourself to a new mental state, there’s mindful meditation. If you want to spend every minute possible in Cabo’s glorious sunshine, join our beach boot camp. Our trainer-in-residence programs give you access to leading guest instructors from across the U.S., and we can also work with you to craft a personalized fitness regimen. It’s all part of our holistic approach to total wellness.

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