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Stories from Element 52

Stories from Element 52

Go Telluride’s High-Altitude Secrets


When Eric Troutner arrived in Telluride, he felt short of breath—and it wasn’t entirely due to the breathtaking landscape. Nestled in the San Juan Mountains, the town sits at 8,750 feet with surrounding peaks soaring as high as 14,000. “There’s almost 30% less oxygen in the air here than at sea level,” he says. “I looked for ways to adjust quickly and found our spa had treatments tailored to ease high-altitude symptoms

Eric Troutner
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Go Conquering a 14,000-Foot Summit

mountains and animals

Locals lovingly call them 14ers—the majestic, rugged mountains rising above 14,000 feet that are heavily concentrated in Colorado, which has the most of any state. The quest to dominate these treacherous summits has captivated many adventurers. “The Telluride area has 14 of the state’s 53 peaks,” Troy Trinh says. “My favorite, Wilson Peak, happens to be one of the toughest. You might recognize its northern face from the Coors Light can.”

Troy Trinh
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Do Adventure on the San Juan Skyway

high way
Endless Open Highway along the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Trans Canada Highway from Calgary to Jasper, Alberta, Canada. Hasselblad 50 MPixel XXXL 28mm Shot.

The San Juan Skyway is a 236-mile loop that incorporates the famous Million-Dollar Highway, the most famous portion of which travels from Ouray to Silverton (US 550) over Coal Bank Summit and the Molas Divide. The route includes five passes, countless ghost towns and a smattering of some of the finest mining remnant towns in the West

Traveller Stayed summer 2017
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