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2 night stay

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Sēfari Sound & Water Immersion


Held by Water - Sēfari Immersion

An immersive mindfulness practice, Sēfari stands for elemental meditation that is held by water and guided by sound. Sēfari founder and naturalist, Jobi Manson has created a signature Sēfari experience for Wildflower Farms designed to attune guests more deeply with the natural world. Throughout the months of January and February all hotel guests are invited to experience a complimentary self-guided Sēfari meditation that can be taken in the comfort of their rooms or along one of the properties property's nature paths.

In-Room Meditation

Throughout the months of January & February, all guests are invited to take part in a complimentary, self-guided, in-room meditation journey designed by Sēfari founder, Jobi Manson specifically for Wildflower Farms. Experience the bespoke meditation floating in a scented bath or grounded on the outdoor terrace.

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