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Bee naturalles
Bee naturalles

Honey and Hive


The Experience

Join us for an immersive and educational beekeeping class that highlights the vital role of honey bees in the Hudson Valley ecosystem. Led by expert beekeeper Bob Mooney, this hands-on experience will take you on a journey to discover the fascinating world of bees, including their habitats, behavior and importance to our local environment. As a highlight, we’ll conclude the experience with a visit to our own bee apiary, where you can witness these incredible creatures in action, working tirelessly to pollinate the beautiful wildflowers that surround us.

  • Wednesdays & Sundays
  • Limited experience: Available April - October
  • 85 per adult, 45 per child under 14
  • Group experience | Private sessions available upon request
  • Recommended for ages 3 and above

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