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Stories from White Barn Inn

Stories from White Barn Inn

Learn Soap Up With Scent of Maine’s Rocky Coast


Sometimes, I feel like I’m in a long-distance relationship with Kennebunk. We may live on opposite coasts, but Maine’s mystical coastline has my heart. From wide sandy beaches sprawled with delicate sand dollars to rocky stretches of seaside that sound of waves crashing up against dramatic cliffs, I’ve spent my most tranquil, cherished moments sharing these striking sights with my husband. When I refer to my “happy place,” my family knows exactly where I’m talking about— and when I miss it’s lobster rolls and warm beach days, I take out my favorite souvenir: White Barn Inn’s hand soap.

It’s easy to see that White Barn Inn embodies the magic of New England’s natural beauty in every detail, and I was delighted to find their hand soap is no exception. Locally sourced from Possum Hollow Farm Soap’s family-run, all-organic small business in Sanford, the luxurious Seaweed and Sea Salt Soap Bar was artfully crafted to look like the rocky coast of Maine. Complete with a black and white marble design that incorporates scents of primrose, lavender and Atlantic seaweed, I am instantly transported back to our most memorable escapes. It’s kind of like Maine sent me a love letter sprayed with perfume, but it also does wonders for my skin.Stories from White Barn Inn