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Stories from White Barn Inn

Stories from White Barn Inn

Drink Meet Maine’s Most Popular Couple

We have a little secret brewing in Maine. Beyond our buttery lobster rolls, steamy chowders, and pillowy blueberry pancakes, Portland harbors the third-highest concentration of craft breweries in America. Though we’ve been ranked as one of the top 20 beer cities by publications like Travel + Leisure thanks to beer pioneers like Shipyard and Allagash, there’s something we have that those other cities don’t. While you may find craft beers flavored with pecans, bourbon, or even frozen lemonade elsewhere, our taprooms entice small-batch ale connoisseurs with what we know best: sweet and silky maple syrup.

As the national production of maple syrup has doubled in the past decade, so has our marriage of the sweet treat with the craft brew scene to create maple beer, the ultimate Maine staple. Though many of the state’s microbreweries have it on tap, the Maple Sunday brew by Merrifield Farm and Lone Pine Brewing may be my favorite—it’s just like diving into an oversized pancake breakfast as a kid.Stories from White Barn Inn