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Stories from White Barn Inn

Stories from White Barn Inn

Eat Debate Over Whoopie Pie Like A Local

whoopie pie
American Whoopie pie dessert and coffee on the table. horizontal view from above

You might be surprised to learn that the origin story of whoopie pie, a beloved treat in New England, has been a source of great controversy between Maine and Pennsylvania for nearly a century. If you’re wondering how a dessert could cause such debate, let me stop you right there. Whoopie pie isn’t just any dessert.

This delicacy, made of two chocolate cake-like cookies sandwiched with creamy filling, is considered a true chocolate celebrity around here— so much so, that the whoopie pie was proudly declared as the Official State Treat of Maine in 2011. Indulging in a whoopee pie may prompt a “whoopie!” or two, but some theorize the dessert’s curious name is derived from the 1920s musical play, “Whoopee!” While I’ve always questioned where “whoopie pie” received it’s appellation, most are more concerned with pinning down its original birthplace.

There is argument that this decadent sweet began in Pennsylvania as an Amish tradition, while Mainers defend their bragging rights over the famed whoopie by claiming that Labadie’s Bakery in Lewiston was the first to craft the confection in 1925. One thing we all know for sure is, there is nothing like whoopie pie. Enjoy the dessert’s traditional recipe of chocolate and cream or marshmallow filling, or take your pick of newer variations on the classic ranging from raspberry-lemon to red velvet flavors.Stories from White Barn Inn