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Stories from White Barn Inn

Stories from White Barn Inn

Eat A Seat at the Table with Executive Chef Matthew Padilla

White Barn Inn restaurant interior

“During college, I found myself working in restaurants and decided I wanted to switch to culinary school and pursue the industry indefinitely,” Executive Chef Matthew Padilla reflects on how he knew he wanted to become a chef.  “I am inspired by creating lasting experiences for people. I’ve always loved entertaining and this job gives me the perfect platform to do that!”


After almost four years at the helm of the fine dining experience provided at White Barn Inn Restaurant and more recently at Little Barn, a casual dining destination offering fresh New England fare, Chef Matthew continues to push the boundaries while developing dishes that incorporate the coastal identity of the historic barn.


His favorite dish right now? – Avocado and Gin Sorbet, the first-course on Chef’s Lobster Tasting Menu. This unique dish is a nice refreshing summer start to the menu, featuring pickled blueberries, avocado sorbet, trout roe, gin and Kennebunkport Lobster.


“I wanted a light start to the meal. It is very acidic and gets the taste buds warmed-up for some of the richer lobster preparations in the Tasting Menu,” Chef Matthew says.


In such an intimate setting, he continues to elevate tasting menus and the Daily Provisions menu with dishes that leave guests in awe.  When developing a new dish, Chef Matthew says that “some of my inspiration comes from past experience working under other chefs, some comes from a place I may have eaten or read about… but often the inspiration is the ingredient itself [and] trying to figure out the best way to utilize it.”


When he isn’t behind-the-scenes at White Barn Inn, Auberge Resorts Collection, Chef Mattew enjoys cooking in a Mediterranean style that inevitably benefits from his home in Maine.  For at-home foodies looking to heighten their own culinary skills, he recommends that you “keep it simple and organized.”


As the Summer season continues in Kennebunk, Chef Matthew is most excited to continue experimenting making in-house soy sauces and amino sauces.  “We had great success with miso last year, so we are continuing to experiment with similar ancient techniques.”


While both restaurants have enjoyed a busy summer, White Barn Inn, Auberge Resorts Collection is excited to continue welcoming in-house guests and the local community alike to the historic reimagined barn for truly memorable experiences on the coast.Stories from White Barn Inn

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