Traditional Maine Lobster Bake

The Experience

Join us throughout the Summer for a traditional Maine Lobster Bake. Indulge in a cocktail while you relax at our homemade bonfire. As you're enjoying your fireside cocktail, Executive Chef Matthew Padilla will lead you through the traditional unveiling process of our custom-made lobster cages. After the unveiling, journey poolside where Chef Matt will cook an array of mussels and clams as a starter dish for you to enjoy. For the remainder of the evening, indulge in our family-style dinner with all the essentials of a traditional lobster bake, including corn, salad, potatoes, the freshest local lobster, as well as a blueberry crumble for dessert. In the spirit of giving back to the Kennebunk community, the White Barn Inn Family will donate a blueberry crumble pie to one of our local community groups following every lobster bake.

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