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Stories from The Vanderbilt

Stories from The Vanderbilt

Drink You'll Find Me By The Horchata

On Wednesdays throughout the summer months, the renowned Aquidneck Growers’ Market awaits a 10-15 minute stroll from The Vanderbilt. Take your pick of seafood, colorful produce, local mushrooms, fragrant flowers and other specialty products—but whatever you do, save time to grab the famous, juicy pork taco that’s sure to run down your hands and beckon you back for seconds.

Tallulah’s Tacos, a local favorite, is a “farm to taco cart” business serving up mouth-watering eats that incorporate the seasonal tastes of Rhode Island and use locally-sourced meats and produce. Stop for a bite, refresh with a homemade horchata, and continue on to explore Rhode Island’s locally-grown treasures.Stories from The Vanderbilt