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Stories from The Vanderbilt

Stories from The Vanderbilt

Learn There’s A Story Behind Every Drink

As guests walk into our bar I almost always see them immediately start to unwind. I think it’s our unique, historical and cozy setting, accented by candlelight and a fireplace that naturally gives way to conversation and relaxation. The lighting is soft, the seating is cozy and the music does not get in the way of talking. As a bartender, the atmosphere here helps me to connect with the guests. I LOVE hearing their stories and I feel like we can learn so much from each other.  Sometimes the Leyendecker paintings at the bar spark conversation, but often just a simple conversation about a drink recommendation can lead to a story.


This month, while celebrating Women’s History Month, a lot of the stories have been ignited by our cocktail list which pays tribute to inspirational women and focuses on using women-owned/distilled spirits. We want to promote the discussion; we want the questions.  It’s the best way to start sharing their stories. Then it’s up to us to introduce the women behind the spirits.


I design the cocktails so that from the moment a guest sees the drink, they can start to feel the story and often by way of garnish. Jane Goodall’s “Seeds of Hope” cocktail has an ice basket holding micro greens. I wanted to tell the story of Goodall, an English primatologist and anthropologist, who has spent over 55 years studying the lives of chimpanzees.  Her cocktail features Inverroche Gin, which is a gin founded by South African, Lorna Scott, that highlights the local botanicals of South Africa, as well as banana to represent the chimpanzees, and figs – often regarded as a symbol of the tree of life. I was inspired by her passion for her work and her determination to make a difference.


Each cocktail is very expressive and flavorful in its own way, just like the women we are honoring. They’re designed to reflect the women with the goal of creating a lasting connection to their stories.  “Breaking the Point Mark” is a cocktail that honors Yuna Kim. It’s light, expressive and has blue accents to reflect her time as a figure skater.


“First in Flight” crafted to pay tribute to Raymonde de Laroche, a French female pilot, uses French liqueurs and Hangar One, which is crafted in an old airplane hangar. Our most popular drink this month, “On Pointe” was inspired by Misty Copeland, the first African American woman to be promoted to principal dancer in the American Ballet Theater.  It’s a combination of Inverroche Amber Gin, Tealeaves Sugar Plum Fairy tea, blood orange, meyer lemon & prosecco.


Whether you want to enjoy a drink at the bar in the main dining room or you prefer the cushioned seating in our lounge, you will be surrounded by pieces of history which conjure up interesting stories. This is a place where guests know they can come to relax and let the stories flow.Stories from The Vanderbilt