Sea Salt Harvest
Sea Salt Harvest

Harvest your own sea salt off the rocky New England coast

Get out into the pristine waters of Brenton Reef to harvest your own batch of sea salt.

  • Guests will have a 15 min drive to Brenton Reef and spend up to one hour harvesting salt
  • Guests will return to property for one hour salt experience with Matt Mullins, the owner of Newport Sea Salt. At a reserved time, guests will enjoy a one hour spa service and at your reserved time guest will enjoy chef's choice sea salt inspired menu in dining room

Get out into the pristine waters of Brenton Reef to harvest your own batch of sea salt.

The Experience

Eccentric explorers can enjoy a sea-to-table experience like no other by joining Matthew Mullins, owner of Newport Sea Salt, to hand-harvest their own batch of salt. Get into your waders and step into the waters of Brenton Reef, situated at the southernmost point of Newport, to collect pristine seawater that will be evaporated to form delicately crunchy sea salt with a wonderful briny taste. After a day of play in the water, watch the magic of the evaporation process as tasty salty flakes appear. Later slip into our Spa for an invigorating Local Sea Salt Body Polish. Indulge even further with a cocktail rimmed with the sea salt you have just harvested, and dinner specially prepared to showcase the fruits of your labor. Matt will bring partially evaporated product to the hotel. Guests sea water will be discarded and he will use his own to demonstrate in a portable "kitchen" how the water evaporates and salt flakes are formed. they will lay out the flakes to dry and bottle them on site for the guest to take with them.

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