Adjusting to High Altitude in Mountain Cities

Travel Tip: Making Altitude Acclimation More Comfortable

Aug 2, 2016

Planning a mountain getaway this fall? Here are some tips from our resident spa experts on making altitude acclimation more comfortable during your travels.

For some of us, the beauty of mountain greenery, endless acres of skiing, and abundant sunshine can come with a caveat, and that is high-altitude adjustment. There’s less oxygen up there. That means that at Auberge Resorts in high-altitude locations, your body has to work harder to do the same thing it does at sea level. For those of us who live at lower elevations, the transition can result in fatigue, headaches, and dehydration.

While the general rules of acclimation apply (drink more water and less alcohol, get plenty of sleep, and don’t overdo it), our resident spa experts explain how a visit to the spa can also help. “The combination of hydration, water therapy (baths, whirlpools, hydrotherapy), and massage using essential oils, can reduce the common side effects associated with altitude.” Read on for more of Lee’s expert guidance on minimizing high-elevation adjustment and maximizing your getaway.

Prior to Arrival

Hydrate and take chlorophyll supplements, which increase the amount of oxygen available to cels, thus easing fatigue. ChlorOxygen is available in a dropper bottle and soft gel capsules at many health stores.

Upon Arrival

Hydrate with chlorophyll water. If you’re staying at the Hotel Jerome or the Auberge Residences at Element 52, book a soothing massage using warm therapeutic oils to help ease respiration, relieve headache tension, and nourish the dry skin that comes with low humidity. If you’re staying at the Jerome, you can also reserve a facial, which will restore the skin’s hydration levels. No doubt you’ll enjoy the treatment’s accompanying facial massage that relieves head and neck tension.

Altitude adjustment doesn’t have to put a damper on your travel plans – for more information about our mountain destination spa treatments, visit Element 52 and Hotel Jerome.