Travel Photography 101

Oct 25, 2013

Not satisfied with your vacation snapshots? We all know it takes more than technology to capture special moments. These tips will have you taking better travel photos in no time.

Catch the “magic hour.” There is a unique quality to the light during the hour before sunset when fading natural light balances perfectly with the artificial light in your surroundings. There’s a scientific reason everything looks amazing, but suffice to say the light is soft and warm, and colors pop.

All about the details. Good travel photography has a way of “summing up” a place. Where landscape shots provide broad context, shots that hone in on the little things that give a place its character allow you to express a unique point of view. These shots have editorial impact – they help you tell a story.

Expect the unexpected. You never know when something photo-worthy could unfold, so it’s key to anticipate action and allow for spontaneously photogenic moments.

Take the path less traveled. You see a different side of a city in the early morning, for instance, before the hustle and bustle. With iPhone or camera in hand, you’ll be even more inspired to explore and the destination will come alive.

So take a breather from the contrived family/friend portraits and have some fun with this. Unique details and experiences are what make trips memorable!