The Picnic: A Forgotten Art

Jul 22, 2015

For a great deal of us, dining al fresco can be as effortless as pulling out a sandwich, maybe a nice salad and parking it on a patch of green real estate. For others, however, picnics are simply outdoor expansions of fine dining restaurants, with real china, crystal glasses and decorative candelabras.

Perhaps nowhere is the trend for gourmet, outdoor picnics more popular than at your favorite Auberge properties, where our world-renowned chefs offer a plethora of gourmet picnic hampers and catered lunches.

Boutique, lifestyle concierge service at Auberge will cater fine dining picnics around the properties, laying everything out before guests arrive and clearing everything away once they’re finished. Rarely is there a plastic plate or cup in sight, as glasses are filled with prosecco and silverware used to spear gourmet treats in one of the beautiful vineyards encompassing Calistoga Ranch and Auberge du Soleil. Or have Auberge’s Hotel Jerome plan your polished picnic as the perfect hiking break surrounded by the Maroon Bells of Aspen.

The Art of Packing Your Picnic

If pre-catered picnics aren’t your cup of tea, grab a sheet of paper, a pen and take notes!

  • Pack food that is conducive to walking around and mingling – i.e., sandwiches and wraps and other transportable treats.
  • Keep it simple: avoid lugging around extra silverware and dishes if you can. Pack easy to eat foods, such as cheese and crackers or perhaps a shrimp cocktail. Foods that you can eat with your hands sans silverware are key. All you need from there is a napkin!
  • Food that can be served cold or at room temperature is choice. In lieu of wasting space with ice packs, freeze water bottles (extra: they double as hydration, too!).
  • Master packing – Pack your meal in the order that you plan to eat. Dessert on the bottom, appetizers on top, etc.
  • Fresh fruit and cookies make for the quintessential picnic dessert. Not only do they require little to no preparation time, but also they are easy to eat with your hands, easy to share, and even easier to clean up!
  • Don’t forget your clean up crew! Pack an extra bag to use for trash, and bring some hand wipes to wash off sticky faces and messy fingers.
  • Last but not least, if you’re looking to boost your relaxation, Rosé tends to be the elixir of choice for picnickers worldwide.