The Perfect Summer Cocktail

Jul 16, 2014

When we think of summer, we think of many things – the sun, the beach, relaxing, and of course, the perfect summertime cocktail. Although cocktails are one of our favorite things of summer, it is often hard to find a recipe worth recreating. So, we asked the executive chef, Ryder Zetts, of the newest addition to our Auberge family – Archetype— to share a few of his favorite creations. Here’s how you can make the perfect cocktail yourself, for any summer occasion!

The Sailor’s Gimlet


1.5oz Leopold’s Navy Strength gin

.75oz Lime Cordial (see recipe below)

.5oz lime juice

2oz Cucumber Soda (8 oz. Cucumber Syrup+ 2 oz Lime Juice + Sparkling Water)

Cucumber Flag garnish

Fresh Lime Zest garnish


Lime Cordial- Peel 12 ea. Limes (This can utilize limes that are blemished but all of the peel intact)  over a bowl with 1.5 cups of granulated sugar and a pinch of salt in it. This way the sugar will catch all the essential oils released by the lime peel when peeled. Peel all the limes and add to sugar. Muddle the peels in the sugar for a good 5 minutes. Cover and allow to sit for 30-45 mins at room temperature. In the meantime juice the peeled limes. Add water to make the lime juice equal 2 cups all day. After 30-45 mins of the peels and sugar sitting, add the 2 cups of liquid and sit to dissolve all the sugar. Cover and allow to sit in the cooler for 6-8 hours. Strain out the peels and reserve in the cooler.



Meditating Mule


1.5oz buddha’s hand vodka

.5oz blackberry shrub (drirection to make below)

.75oz lime juice

.25oz mint syrup

5 dashes lime bitters

5 mint leaves

Top with ginger beer

Garnish with lime wheel and mint sprig


Blackberry Shrub- Yield 2 qt cups. Take 1 quart fresh Blackberries and mix with 2 cups white granulated sugar or enough to fully cover berries. Also add a pinch of salt! Mash up with wooden spoon and allow to sit in cooler overnight. The longer the berries sit in the sugar the better. So can always do a few days before actually needing to make the shrub! Next day, heat up 2 cups apple cider vinegar and add to blackberries and sugar. Stir to dissolve sugar. Strain through a wire mesh strainer into a bowl. Make sure to do this in increments so you can press the blackberries through the strainer. This gets all the flavor, color and viscosity from the berries without the seeds. Taste the remaining liquid add more sugar and/or vinegar to taste. Bottle and allow to sit for 1 more day, so flavors can merry.


The Auberge Martini



2 oz Double Cross Vodka

.75 oz J Pear Liqueur

.5 oz Fresh Ginger Syrup (Add 4 cups of (1:1.5) warm simple syrup to blender with 1 # peeled fresh ginger. Blend until homogenous then strain through cinoise.)

.5 oz Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice

Garnish: 1 Picked Baby Pear


Add all ingredients into cocktail shaker. Shake well until very chilled. Strain into chilled martini glass. Garnish with pear. Serve.