The Honeymoon You Crave

Jan 22, 2014

Is a luxury wedding really complete without the ultimate after-party for two? A pressure valve releases with the planning finished, the day finally, beautifully executed… but your honeymoon is the coup de grâce. With most of the doing done, it’s a time to just BE – with all your senses and without reservation – deliriously happy, relaxed and in love.

How to get there? We’ve got a few big-picture suggestions…

1. A great spa is a must.

Weddings take a lot out of you. After all the commotion, you’ll crave a deep-tissue massage that really gets the knots out, a mineral mud facial that leaves your skin glowing and a soaking tub that has you forgetting you ever had a care in the world. Spa treatments should feel amazing, but they should also be deeply therapeutic.

2. Nothing accentuates great company like great food (and wine). 

Romance is about context. Choosing an inspiring setting for your stay is obvious, but choosing a resort with top-notch dining options might be less so. Do your research. An especially satisfying meal engages all your senses and helps you sink fully into the present moment – and into the beauty and possibility of your unfolding life together. Cheers to that!

3. If there’s ever a time to really splurge, this might be it.

Splurging can feel uncomfortable, like we’re being “self-indulgent” in a negative sense. But if you’re the type of person who feels the tug of that stigma and rarely splurges, saying yes to the little things you secretly want can be positively liberating.  Whatever splurging means to you, consider giving yourself permission…whether that means arranging for private car service, getting a spa treatment a day, choosing the suite that makes you swoon, planning a special excursion, etc.