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Whale breaching
Whale breaching

Whale Song Adventure


The Experience

An enthralling National Geographic phenomenon awaits on the Pacific coast. Every December to March, over 700 humpback whales migrate from the icy Canadian waters to the Baja Peninsula as they birth in the Bay of Banderas. On this aquatic journey, head out by boat to experience this wonder of nature and learn with a marine conservationist about the impactful local work to ensure future generations of humpbacks. Marvel at the sight of these majestic 50-80,000-pound creatures rising from the surface of the sea and splashing back underneath the water. Afterward, enjoy a visit to the protected national biosphere, Islas Marietas, where natural beauty and vast biodiversity abound. This multi-sensory experience with nature culminates in a recording of live “whale songs.” Humpback whales are often referred to as "inveterate composers" for their underwater symphonies. A rare in-water recording device allows us to tap into these low-frequency compositions. Upon returning, our team of sound engineers will turn recordings into a personal keepsake audio memory of this whale song adventure.

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Available Seasonally | January 2 - March 23rd
  • Private Experience $16,900 Pesos + Per Boat, Includes Up to 4 People | $2,900 Pesos + Each Additional Person
  • Inquire with Your Itinerary Designer for dates and to book

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