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Tasting Journey with Maestra Tequilera Ana María of Mijenta


The Experience

Challenge any preconceived notions you have about tequila through an in-depth tasting experience with Maestra Tequilera Ana María Romero Mena of Mijenta tequila. From your very first taste, you will uncover the distinct characteristics of the terroir of the highlands of Jalisco through Mijenta’s blanco, reposado, and añejo, as part of a unique tasting journey alongside an exclusive and harmoniously paired dinner menu prepared by Executive Chef Tonatiuh Cuevas and Susurros’ culinary team, highlighting not only Mijenta, but the local bounty and ingredients. Expand your culinary horizons by experiencing Ana María’s holistic approach to understanding tequila and her ability to identify various sensory notes throughout and come away with a memory wholly unique to Susurros.

  • March 25 | 5PM-8PM
  • $150++ pp
  • Private Dining Room at Casamilpa
  • Please reach out to your Cuate or to make a reservation.

Schedule of Events

  • Sustainability in the Tequila Making Process: Learn what it takes to become the world’s only B corp certified, fully carbon neutral tequila.

  • Jimador Workshop: Learn the art of how jimadors carve the agave and try your hands in an interactive workshop

  • Agave Tasting: Experience the beginnings of tequila by tasting cooked agave used to make Mijenta

  • From Blanco to Añejo: Explore the barrel aging process of tequila from the first damajuana to the award-winning reposado and añejo in a tasting with the Maestra

  • Private Dinner: Enjoy a specialty pairing menu and cocktails with Ana Maria and Chef Tonatiuh

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  • Born and raised in Mexico City, Ana María Romero Mena began her tequila career more than 30 years ago and became one of the first Official Catadores of Tequila. Through visiting various distilleries, learning different creation processes, and understanding the flavor profiles and terroir that embody each tequila, her expertise grew and in 2007 she published The Aromas of Tequila: The Art of Tasting, an exploration of the sensory notes found in tequila and how each scent develops across the palate. Her identification of more than 600 individual tasting notes mapped onto an aroma wheel was a novel concept and has since been adopted as a standard by the larger tequila industry.

  • Ana María oversees the entire production process as one of the world’s only Maestra Tequileras. She brings a scientific approach to traditional methods and is strongly committed to minimizing environmental impact and promoting biodiversity. Ana María is also on the advisory board of institutions such as the Tequila Regulatory Council and the National Chamber of the Tequila Industry.


  • Mijenta is an award-winning, additive-free, sustainable tequila created using fully mature Blue Weber agave from the highlands of Jalisco, a region renowned for its rich red clay soil and unique microclimate. Crafted by renowned Maestra Tequilera Ana Maria Romero, Mijenta achieves its distinctive flavor profile through a meticulously slow process and traditional methods, ranging from the selection of agaves from the best plots, to rich fermentation of slow cooked agaves to the delicate distillation and pot stills. Created from the outset around a holistic approach to sustainability, Mijenta is the first and only tequila producer to earn B Corp certification. Mijenta launched in September 2020 with its first expression, Blanco, followed by Reposado in December 2020 and Añejo in May 2022.

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