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Roots of Raicilla


"In the Land where Tequila is the King, Raicilla is the Queen.”

Discover tequila’s rebellious little sister, Raicilla, a centuries-old Mexican spirit. Translating to “little root,” Raicilla is considered the Mexican ranchero moonshine, and its mysterious nature adds to the intrigue. Rarefied and enigmatic, Raicilla has grown to become a treasured spirit within the local surf community for its purity and clean characteristics. Raicilla spends 20 years in the soil of the Western Sierra, communing with the earth’s elements while harmonizing with the flora and fauna until it is prime for harvest. Thoughtful care is imprinted into each step of the process, from seed to bottle, through the craft of ancient rituals utilizing indigenous agave. Only just receiving its Denomination of Origin by the Mexican government in 2019, Raicilla has begun to receive respect as a local and authentic addition to the country’s robust spirits scene. Experience this unifying spirit with La Reina, a female-founded brand rooted in sustainability, community, and agriculture. Toast to a bonding journey as you gather with family and friends, new and old, for a multi-part immersive exploration of Mexico’s buzziest new spirit.

  • Inquire for monthly event dates with your Cuate

Raicilla Masterclass + Community Dinner

At the core of La Reina’s ethos is community. Gather with one another for a sensory journey Masterclass led by La Reina’s founders, Ana Lopez and Juan Pablo, to explore the conservation of ancestral tradition. Discover the unique characteristics of the Raicilla root, including its deep history, the life cycle of the agave plant from seed to bottle, and the artisanal harvesting and distillation process. Sip on a rousing flight of assorted varietals and enjoy alongside a harmonizing pairing of locally-sourced cheeses & fruits. Following the masterclass, convene at a community dinner to indulge in an exclusive and experimental pairing menu led by Chef Tonatiuh Cuevas. Discover Racilla in a new light, tasting the depth of its root-forward flavors through ancestral recipes while exploring the traditional cooking of Raicilla in the fire and in-ground ovens.
  • Available for private groups with 2 days notice

  • Up to 25 people per group

  • $7,860 pesos (tax & service included) per person

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