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Keiki SUP

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5 Unique Summer Vacation Ideas

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"Every summer we set out to make memories. Our goal is to keep the kids entertained while we relax and spend quality time with them. The kids love trying and learning new things, exploring outside and coming home with stories for their friends. Our favorite vacations have been to Auberge Resorts, where we always find unique and unforgettable experiences that make our kids want to return year over year."

Historic Petroglyph and Lava Tube Tour with Mauna Lani, Hawaii
On a tour of the resort’s ponds, petroglyphs, and sea caves, Danny Akaka, the resort's Kahu Hānai, might describe how Hawaiians greet each other nose-to-nose, in an exchange of hā, breath. He might tell the legend of the supernatural eel who lives in one of the ponds. Or he might share a story drawn from his own colorful life here on the coast.
Have your children ever wanted to be a cowboy or cowgirl? Visiting The Lodge at Blue Sky gives them that opportunity with the Little Vaquero's Club. Kids can spend a half or whole day grooming the horses, harvesting vegetables or gathering eggs. Each day's activities are different, so no matter how many days you are here, every day offers a new experience. Parents can enjoy spa treatments, rock climbing or yoga while the little ones are at play.
Send your kids to a pajama party on summer vacation, and have a date night. Kids wear their favorite pajamas, have dinner, a dance party and then watch a movie snuggling under cozy blankets. Parents can relax knowing their kids are being looked after and having a blast at Chileno Bay Resort in Los Cabos.
Go On A Wine Country Safari with Solage
Situated on 400 rolling acres in the foothills of the Mayacamas Mountain is Safari West, a private wildlife preserve that’s home to nearly 900 animals from over 90 unique species. Climb aboard one of the custom safari vehicles with one of Safari West’s highly-trained guides to go in search of graceful giraffes, imposing cape buffalo and hulking rhinoceros. On a safari walk through the Amani Oasis Aviary, you’ll find flamingos, demoiselle cranes, and even camouflaged cheetah in the distance.
Plant Coral in Fiji at Nanuku
Below the crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean, lies an entire world of living creatures. Many guests experience the amazing snorkeling in Fiji because of the colorful living coral reef system. At Nanuku, get together to learn about coral's essential role in our underwater ecosystem while you help plant new coral. You can even tag your coral, so you can see how much it has grown when you return!