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Summer in New England

Restorative by Nature

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Awaken to the spirit of discovery in beautiful New England, where sprawling countryside and coastal enclaves provide the space and freedom to connect and reconnect in nature. Seek plenitude and balance while hiking through the deep stillness of an old-growth pine forest in the Kennebunks. Take in invigorating ocean breezes on a sailing expedition off the Newport coast. Or step back into a simpler era by picking ripe, juicy peaches from a Litchfield Hills farm. Bathe in a pure escape for the soul, where wonder and wide-open vistas collide in majestic beauty.

  • Connect with nature on guided hikes, cycling excursions and wildlife boat tours
  • Explore the region’s bounty by exploring local farms and harvesting your own lobster haul
  • Take in world-class art and culture

Summertime play in the New England countryside

From exploring beautiful Narragansett Bay on an America’s Cup winner to enjoying an unforgettable sunrise beach picnic in Maine, the unique pleasures of summer in scenic New England await.

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New England adventures
Head out to sea on a private lobster fishing trip off the coast of Rhode Island or enjoy a naturalist-led hike to one of the finest overlooks in Connecticut. Explore your next thrill in America’s historic northeast.

For Families

Discover historic lighthouses in coastal Maine or wind through the largest nature preserve in Connecticut for unforgettable moments playing with your kids or grandkids.
Couples Hiking

For Couples

From taking a romantic cliffside walk in Newport or discovering the enduring charms of a sleepy coastal Maine village, a world of experiences await for you to play with the one you love.

For Friends

Tee off at a Championship-level golf course in Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills or cruise through Newport in a classic automobile to enjoy the true bonds of friendship that playing creates.
flowers, bay and peninsula
We found The Vanderbilt to be outstanding in every way: the staff, accommodations, food and service. Add to these attributes the fact the hotel is within walking distance of many Newport sites. You won’t be disappointed.

Stories from Auberge Resorts Collection


Vanderbilt Where to Meet Major League Baseball’s Next Big Star

Every summer for the last 18 years, I meet my friends and family at Cardines Field at 20 America's Cup Avenue to hear the first crack of the bat during the opening game of the Newport Gulls, a summer collegiate baseball team based in our hometown of Newport, Rhode Island. Founded in Cranston in 1998, we take pride in saying we’re one of the NECBL's most successful teams, winning six Fay Vincent, Sr. Cups to date.

Allison Schumann
Guest Relations Manager
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New England Train Bridge

White Barn Inn A Retro Ride in the New England Countryside

Entering Amtrak’s 1950s-era domed railcar was like stepping back in time. With my feet kicked up and my Australian Shepard, Max, in tow, I never knew a two-hour, car-free connection on the Downeaster train from North Station in Boston to Wells, Maine, could be so enjoyable and land me only 5 miles from Kennebunk. From passing New England’s most beautiful stretches of pristine coastline to enjoying vistas of the idyllic countryside, I enjoyed my steamy cup of chowder from the Downeaster Café while Max chewed on his favorite bone. Seated in the train’s upper level with panoramic windows on all sides, this daytime adventure proved an added perk before my vacation even began.

Starting Vacation Early
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Crab Shack Entrance

Vanderbilt Where New England’s Hottest Tradition Was Born

There’s nothing like biting into a steamy fried clam roll while sitting on the beach overlooking Sakonnet River, the juiciness of the oyster seeping out to form the ultimate creamy combination with homemade mayonnaise. It’s hard to believe this sandwich, one of our most illustrious traditions, was all but unfathomable at the dawn of the 1900s when New Englanders only ate their clams steamed, raw on the half shell, or chopped in chowder.

Taste Tester
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Fishing grace hotel

Mayflower My Day as a Lazy Otter

Shallow, clear, and like a bowl of tranquility, nearly one thousand kettle ponds dot the brilliant terrain of the Northeast. When my family and I first began to plan our trip to Mayflower Inn & Spa, I thought we would spend all of our time enjoying the area’s plentiful hiking trails through meadows and woodlands. But thanks to an insider tip, we ventured off-the-beaten-path to these isolated freshwater pools, where we had the water all to ourselves.

Explorer of the Outdoors
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White Barn Inn Get Your Hands Dirty

My husband and I are happy to get our hands dirty for the sake of renewing the farming culture of Southern Maine. On our four-acre property, Frinklepod Farm, you can spend the day with us to explore our acreage and three greenhouses—we’ll get you out of the city and into the soil.

Flora Brown
Owner of Frinklepod Farm
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outdoor seating

Mayflower Clink Glasses to A Weekend of Countryside Life

The city that never sleeps often sends me seeking elsewhere to find restoration— and a long afternoon spent over peach wine amid the rolling hills at Hopkins Vineyard is usually that place. The haven along the Connecticut Wine Trail, a collection made up of 24 vineyards statewide, is something out of a countryside fairytale. With a charming red barn and endless greenery, the vineyard melts away the memory of city hustle and bustle and soothes you into savoring the sweetness of countryside life.

Wine Enthusiast
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mayflower hiking

Mayflower The Secrets of Steep Rock

Hiking has always set me at ease, and I look forward to trips to Connecticut for the serenity that comes with being immersed in the surrounding natural splendor. That’s exactly why I keep returning to the trails that wind along the Steep Rock Preserve. Not only does the 998-acres of idyllic hiking trails reveal sweeping viewpoints, lush hillsides, and babbling brooks with every step, but also unveils historic, hidden gems along the way.

Active City Dweller
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mayflower inn exterior

Mayflower A Getaway To Gilmore Girl's Stars Hollow

Any fan of the television series “Gilmore Girls” has undoubtedly fallen for the show’s fictional town “Stars Hollow.” Boasting legendary New England charm, the parallels between Stars Hollow and Washington Depot, Connecticut are striking— and it’s no accident. In fact, Gilmore Girl’s writer, Amy Sherman-Palladino, drew inspiration for the comedy-drama during her stay at the Mayflower Inn & Spa (later to influence the show’s fictional Dragonfly Inn). Seven seasons later, the cult classic’s first Gilmore Girls Fan Fest was held in Washington Depot, attracting over 1,300 fans in 2016. However, you don’t have to attend a fan fest to get a taste of life in Stars Hollow. In simply exploring the whimsical towns within Litchfield County, you might find yourself retracing the steps of the Gilmore Girls.

Informed Local
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indoor pool

Mayflower Stillness in Motion: Meditating While Standing in Water

"Ai Chi is a meditative movement carried out while standing in water. More often than not, I will meet guests seeking ways to quiet the mind and de-stress, but find it difficult to sit still through traditional forms of meditation. Ai Chi enables participants to experience the benefits that meditation promises through physical movement— it’s a stillness in motion, if you will. At an Ai Chi class, you can expect for the water to be a warm 92 degrees, and chest deep. There are always a few participants that are happy to learn that they will not be going underwater— you do not need to be an expert swimmer to take Ai Chi, and you can count on your hair and makeup remaining perfectly intact."

Ai-Chi Instructor
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White Barn Inn Soap Up With Scent of Maine’s Rocky Coast

Sometimes, I feel like I’m in a long-distance relationship with Kennebunk. We may live on opposite coasts, but Maine’s mystical coastline has my heart. From wide sandy beaches sprawled with delicate sand dollars to rocky stretches of seaside that sound of waves crashing up against dramatic cliffs, I’ve spent my most tranquil, cherished moments sharing these striking sights with my husband. When I refer to my “happy place,” my family knows exactly where I’m talking about— and when I miss it’s lobster rolls and warm beach days, I take out my favorite souvenir: White Barn Inn’s hand soap.

Maine’s Other Half
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Vanderbilt There’s Nothing Sweeter Than A Summer Spent In Newport

My ideal day in Rhode Island starts with a morning hike spent amid nature at the Norman Bird Sanctuary. With 325 acres and seven miles of marked hiking trails, there are many routes to choose from but I always seem to opt for the Hanging Rock Trail. The trails close at 5:00pm, so save your sunset for Sweet Berry Farms— which takes me to my next Rhode Island must-do.

Summer Lover
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corn husks

Mayflower Cider Donuts, Pick-Your-Own Apples, and A Cidery

Rain or shine, the Averill Farm Stand is open, and rain or shine, I go for the heavenly apple cider donuts. A true must-visit in the town of Washington, Averill Farm is primarily a fruit orchard that has been family-run for 10 generations and counting. The hidden gem awaits at the end of a lovely drive, minutes from the Mayflower Inn. Abundant with the simple delights of the countryside— cut flowers, homemade jams, honey, cheeses, locally-sourced pies and more— the charming farm provides a special experience to immerse in the farm-to-table culture of Connecticut.

Cheerful Local
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Vanderbilt You'll Find Me By The Horchata

On Wednesdays throughout the summer months, the renowned Aquidneck Growers’ Market awaits a 10-15 minute stroll from The Vanderbilt. Take your pick of seafood, colorful produce, local mushrooms, fragrant flowers and other specialty products—but whatever you do, save time to grab the famous, juicy pork taco that’s sure to run down your hands and beckon you back for seconds.

Local Foodie
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Vanderbilt Meet the Famous 134-Year-Old Lady in Rhode Island

Meet the Coronet— a schooner yacht first launched in 1885 and was one of the most elegant sailing yachts of her time. Under restoration at The International Yacht Restoration School since 1995, the Coronet Building is open to the public for viewing and only a 15 minute stroll from The Vanderbilt’s front doors.

Boat Enthusiast
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Mayflower Learn How to Heal Your Body with Reiki

I’ve been studying Reiki for 26 years when my path to the healing art began in 1990 when my hands started talking to me. The message was clear: they wanted to be used as instruments for change. Now as a Reiki Master in the Traditional Usui System, my technique includes channeling healing energy to you through my hands, which activates the natural healing processes of your body to restore your physical and emotional well-being, shifting your perspective on life and allowing space for you embrace self-responsibility to operate from a place of love instead of fear.

Ann Moureau
Reiki Master in the Traditional Usui System
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