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Stories from Auberge Resorts Collection

Stories from Auberge Resorts Collection

Learn Remembering Hunter S. Thompson at Hotel Jerome

To the rest of the country, Hunter S. Thompson might be best known as the godfather of gonzo journalism. Thompson lived and wrote on the edge in a style epitomized in “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” which first came out in two installments in Rolling Stone before being published as a book that would end up defining the post-’60s counterculture. But to Aspenites, and especially here at Hotel Jerome, he’s best remembered for his 1970 run for sheriff of Aspen Pitkin County.

After purchasing Owl Farm nearby, Thompson became an all-day regular at Hotel Jerome. So it was only natural that he turned a corner of J-Bar into his de facto campaign office. It was a curious ticket, one based on “Freak Power,” whose platform promoted the decriminalization of drugs, tearing up the streets and turning them into grassy pedestrian malls, banning any building so tall as to obscure the view of the mountains, disarming all police forces, and renaming Aspen “Fat City” to deter investors. In the end, Thompson lost the election by 173 votes to his opponent’s 204 and quit politics, but his legend here still remains.

For a closer look at Thompson and his campaign, visit the Concierge desk to check out “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and “Freak Power,” or head over to J-Bar, and ask for his favorite corner.Stories from Auberge Resorts Collection