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Stories from Auberge Resorts Collection

Stories from Auberge Resorts Collection

Do Springtime in November

Every morning as I head down to the stables, the first rays of sunrise begin to peak over the crest of the lush mountains of Pérez Zeledón and slowly filter down into the valley creating a golden glow. A carpet of dew blankets the fields and sparkles in the morning sun.  A chorus of neighs and hoof stomps let me know that the horses are awake a ready for breakfast.

On this morning last November, the 18th to be exact, Buena Noche’s white belly looks like it is about to burst. She is restless and circling in her stall when I arrive. I think could this beautiful spring day be the day she gives birth?

November is the equivalent of springtime in Costa Rica and the time of the year that I highly recommend experiencing. Everything is in bloom, lush and growing in abundance.  Wildflowers, baby birds, and every imaginable shade of green is bursting to life throughout the countryside.

And this November morning we welcome Lancelot, a 125-pound colt into the world. His long wobbly brown legs gave him trouble at first, but the incentive of milk encouraged him to learn to stand quite quickly. Even after only minutes of being born, Lancelot’s clock was already set for breakfast time.

The energy at the stables is enlivening. It is a memorable morning celebration here at Hacienda Alta Gracia!Stories from Auberge Resorts Collection