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Woman in meditative pose
Woman in meditative pose

Wim Hof Workshop


The Experience

Join us for an afternoon focused on mental and physical strength. Wim Hof Instructor, Dustin Moon, begins the workshop guiding you through breathing exercises optimized for energy production and real time stress management. Learn the science - Increase your stamina via focused breathwork and prepare to achieve your personal best during a coach-led HIIT workout with local Fitness Expert, Jeffrey Larson. Conclude with breathwork focused on de-escalation and down regulation Optional: Test your new skills and challenge your breathwork with a post-workshop ice bath.

  • Saturday, June 18th
  • Available from 2:00 - 4:00 PM
  • $200 per person
  • Book online or call 707-699-6260
  • Please note that space is limited

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