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Stories from Solage

Stories from Solage

Do Unexpected Discoveries Bloom Everywhere

Like many unexpected discoveries that can happen during an adventure in the Napa Valley, I stumbled upon one walking through the lobby of the Solage Resort. It was the striking colors that first caught my eye followed by the light fragrance that seemed like a combination of delicate roses and lemons. Abundant blooms of fresh flowers – fluffy, fully bloomed camellias and ranunculus; multi-colored tulips, delicate, sweet-perfumed jasmine and honeysuckle and bright, sunny daffodils – filled a cart that also contained beautiful recycled glass bottles of varying sizes, all for creating personal, handcrafted bouquets.


Gonzalo from the Solage team offered to walk me through the flower choices, and also suggested I enjoy a glass of wine while I arranged my bouquet. The Calistoga region of Napa is best known for its bold Cabernet Sauvignons, so I chose a Venge Cabernet with a full-bodied, complex blackberry and black currant flavor.


Gathering my flowers, I selected a small combination of deep rose ranunculus, sweet pink jasmine and vivid yellow daffodils. Gonzalo filled me in the flowers’ sourcing – they come from local favorite 5 Acres Farms, located in nearby Petaluma and specializing in organic floral and foliage. The owner, Melissa, followed her passion for gardening and purchased the 1941 farm with her husband a couple of years ago. They revamped it from a chicken farm into the blooming garden paradise it is today and share it with their loyal assistants – golden retrievers Hunter and Winston and farm cat, Pickles.


I finished cutting my flowers and chose a simple glass tonic bottle to hold my arrangement. While I’ll certainly never win any floral arranging awards, my handmade bouquet made for a beautiful, aromatic addition to the bedside table in my studio. The simple pleasure of the flower cart not only allowed me to bring some of Napa’s incredible nature into my room with me, but it also gave me an unexpected moment of joy I’ll remember forever.Stories from Solage