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Stories from Solage

Stories from Solage

Do The Cleanest Mud Bath You’ll Ever Take

Besides using mineral-enriched mud personalized with essential oils, the Signature Mudslide includes a geothermal soak and an anti-gravity sound therapy chair. The best part? You’re not sharing your mud. Instead of a communal mud bath, expect a private, three-part detoxifying treatment that begins with mud combined with volcanic ash, geothermal mineral water, and an aromatherapy blend of essential oils that you select yourself.

Following “The Mud,” it is time to experience “The Waters.” After rinsing off the dried mud, you will step into a private, luxurious geothermal soak that smells of soothing essential oils tailored to your needs. Lastly, “The Rest” involves sinking into an anti-gravity sound therapy chair, which sounds as other-worldly as it feels. Harmonic music and healing vibrations resonate through the chair into the entire body and just 20 minutes of sleep in this anti-gravity chair is equivalent to two REM cycles. Whether enjoyed alone, shared as a couples treatment, or experienced with a bridesmaid party (allowing groups up to five), the famed benefits of the Mudslide will keep you coming back.Stories from Solage